Tudor Fedeles and David Mapley fired as board members of LFP1

With a 96% versus 4% vote the shareholders of LFP1 yesterday dismissed the current board of directors, headed by David Mapley. Mapley got suspended by the Luxemburg regulator CSSF earlier this year for lying about his credentials when applying for his directorship at LFP1.

In a stormy EGM, shareholders cast their mistrust by dismissing David Mapley, Tudor Fedeles and Jacques Bossuyt as board members by an overwhelming majority.

The shareholders will nominate a new board shortly at a yet to be convened EGM. Furthermore, they filed a 40 million euro claim for damages against the former management.

Two years ago David Mapley who falsely claimed to be a fraud investigator at “Intel Suisse” took over the management of the fund after allegedly having discovered fraud. Later on, it turned out that Mapley had a fraudulent record himself and that his investigation firm “Intel Suisse” simply does not exist. It was further discovered how Mapley abused his mandate at LFP1 to extort one of the shareholders of the fund for over 2 million euros.

Events accelerated after Luxemburg commercial court, appointed last month a court administrator to convene an EGM at the request of shareholders to seek replacement of the board.

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41.5 Mio euro Claim

More than 65% of the shareholders of LFP1-EPF filed a claim against the current directors David Mapley and Tudor Fedeles of LFP1 due to mismanagement, fraud and abuse of trust.

Please read the claim here, from which the content is really shocking. The modus operandi from the directors is unseen in the Luxembourg Fund industry.

Meanwhile, the CSSF suspended David Mapley on the 25th of May 2020 due to false declarations in his application process. We hear from insiders it is only a matter of time before Tudor Fedeles will be suspended as well. An investigation is actively running on his active involvement in the extortion practices and mismanagement of the Fund with the aim to personally enrich himself.

Tudor Fedeles and his mentor David Mapley have not only failed in keeping the fund listed as a CSSF approved fund by meeting up with the standard service provider requirements. (all the service providers resigned because of their unprofessional behaviour) They have also intentionally mismanagement the fund tremendously. 

Even basic rights of the shareholders are neglected as the directors refuse to convene general shareholder meetings on the request of the shareholders whilst extorting counterparties and shareholders of the fund in order to get money in their pocket.

Please watch below the shocking documentary showing Tudor Fedeles intentions and attitude towards the shareholders. 

Tudor Fedeles describes the shareholders as “Poor fuckers” while he is supposed to protect the investor’s interest as a director. He also states that he will “not do shit on the fund” and “Fuck everybody” referring to the 23 Mio euro cash that is still on the bank account.

Recently Tudor Fedeles and David Mapley made an attempt to wire the remaining cash from LFP1-EPF to a personally owned (new to be set up) investment vehicle “Shimoda High Yield Bond”. Luckily enough the CSSF has blocked them from doing so. More on this topic in our next article.

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Up the chin

Luxemburg media is reporting that Tudor Fedeles’ boss and mentor Mr. David Mapley just got banned from holding any significant position in the Luxemburg financial industry. Mr. David Mapley was caught giving false information to the Luxemburg financial authority CSSF.

Asked for a reaction to this news by the Luxemburg Times Mr. Tudor Fedeles, defiantly stated that the decision was taken wrongful and that they planned to fight it. However insiders in the Luxemburg financial industry say that they saw the measures taken to David Mapley coming for some time. Mr. Mapley has a very dubious past and has left a trail of bankruptcies and financial damages everywhere he arrived at the scene. Many even question why it took the CSSF so long to act.

In any case, this seems to reduce the playing field of David Mapley and Tudor Fedeles a lot. Doing business in the financial industry in Luxemburg has become a lot harder, if not impossible. This is not yet a knock-out but sure gives the CSSF an advantage on points.

See you in the next round…

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Fake it till you make it

Tudor Fedeles presents himself as a successful entrepreneur. But is he?  Let’s dive into this using his CV and an interview he gave to Magazine Forbes last year. 

Let’s start with his CV. Tudor Fedeles started a string of companies all in Romania. Now as we, of course, know, starting a company is relatively simple, making it into a success is much harder.

The first company that Tudor started was named Fedeles Tudor-Serban Intrepindere Indivudualen register code F27/1010/2010 in 2010 with as stated primary activities: Retail of flowers, plants and pet food (gardening center). The company still exists till today but has not declared any financial figures.

In 2012 Tudor Fedeles opened a second company Tudor Investing Solutions S.R.L. with Romanian register code J27/580/2012. Financial figures of this company are available but judging by the negative cash flow it would not be our choice for an investing solution. In 2018 Tudor Fedeles was forced by court order to evacuate his rented office for Tudor Investing Solutions S.R.L. for defaulting on rent payments from 2015 onwards. 

Tudor Fedeles also had a 60% share in a company called Skyrock Financial Services from itś inception in 2013 to 2017 when it was deleted.

Looking at the evidence we can safely say that all of the companies Tudor Fedeles started were a failure.

Not being able to present any successful entrepreneurship of himself, Tudor Fedeles is taking credit for what others have done. Let us explain. The Romanian web edition of Forbes magazine publishes a series of articles 30 under 30, portraying young Romanian entrepreneurs. Tudor Fedeles features in one of these articles. Translation here. Tudor Fedeles states that he manages several investment funds in the LFP I structure as an investment manager. He also brags about developing the highest tower in Belgium. Now let’s be clear on this, as an investment manager of a fund, you have no direct involvement at all in the daily business of the companies you invest in. Or in other words, planning to build the highest building in Belgium takes years for the developer to obtain the right zoning and planning permission. At the time of the interview, Tudor Fedeles was only recently appointed as a director in LFP I. Stating that he is the one who will build the highest tower is ignoring the fact that others have done the years of work and preparations for this. As a fact, Tudor Fedeles has had nothing to do with obtaining this achievement. Furthermore, as soon as Tudor Fedeles got involved in the LFP I fund structure the fund was delisted by the Luxembourg financial regulator CSSF. All service providers in Luxembourg such as bank and chartered accountants seem to refuse to work with Tudor Fedeles…we will come back later on the reason for that.

Tudor Fedeles also states in the article that if all goes well, he would be opening an investment fund with the focus on Romania. But it seems that not all went well as there is no such fund as of today.

Now the last part of the article is very much true. The importance of his two mentors. If you want to succeed in a scammy business, David Mapley and Francis Hoogewerf have plenty of experience in fraud and shady financial constructions. Here you have the reason that no respectable company in Luxembourg is willing to collaborate with the trio.

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Romlux has a problem

We want to talk about the following. RomLux is a Luxembourg-based not-for-profit organisation that aims to support the development of
relations between Romania and Luxembourg. An excellent initiative.
has been able to develop well in recent years after it became a member of the EU in 2007. However, whom we also find at RomLux is Tudor Fedeles. That doesn’t seem so right to us.

Corruption and a weak legal system

Let’s cut to the chase. Romania is falling further and further behind in the fight against corruption and a fair justice system, according to an EU report.

It does not seem desirable to us that you have a board member in your ranks who has ties to the well-known fraudster David Mapley.
With Tudor Fedeles and David Mapley involved in many sketchy companies, Tudor Fedeles is a clear danger for the trustworthiness of the RomLux organisation. If we were the RomLux, we would get Tudor Fedeles out of our ranks as soon as possible, as this would not enhance the credibility of the organisations goals.

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The Puppet

From sources in direct contact with the Luxemburg financial authorities (CSSF), we have learned that David Mapley, the tutor of Tudor Fedeles is black flagged in Luxemburg. As it stands now David Mapley can’t act in any official capacity anymore in Luxemburg.

In the resent month we see Tudor Fedeles pushed more and more to the forefront in the shady businesses of David Mapley. In recent days they have been actively trying to push their new „The Shimoda High-Yield fund – RAIF”. According to the terms sheet, the fund is all but ready to be open. Except for an AIFM, (Maitland SA) and an administrator (UBS), there are no service providers. Please note that with a construction RAIF the directors are not subjected to approval by the regulator CSSF. The AIFM is the sole responsible party in this construction.

We surely hope that Maitland knows with who they are entering relation into. But here is a pro-tip. Do some background research it can save you from embarrassment and potential criminal complaints in the future.

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The other boss

We already knew that Tudor Fedeles is working with fraudster David Mapley, but David Mapley is not the only person with a dubious past that Tudor Fedeles is working with. On his LinkedIn page, we come across another name: Francis Hoogewerf. This Francis Hoogewerf is the founder of Hoogewerf & Cie, who we can safely call the Luxemburg godfather offshore.

Now you’ll think, OK, but that’s one of the core businesses in Luxemburg, what’s the fuss about that? Yes, we know. But Francis Hoogewerf also has a very dubious history. Let’s dig a bit little deeper into that.

Since the 1970’s Francis Hoogewerf is involved in setting up and administrating hundreds of fictitious companies, mostly in Luxembourg, Switzerland and Panama. By doing this, he systematically worked together with some of the shadiest people in the offshore industry to provide tools for tax evasion and money-laundering.

If you want to know more about the Swiss offshore business and all the scandals it is surrounded in, read the book Swiss connection by Gian Trepp. (Chapter about Francis Hoogewerf)

Tudor Fedeles is not planning to earn his money in an ethical way. With David Mapley and Francis Hoogewerf as mentors, he clearly opted for the dark side of business, only today we have the internet to keep ones honest.

Stay tuned….

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