The other boss

We already knew that Tudor Fedeles is working with fraudster David Mapley, but David Mapley is not the only person with a dubious past that Tudor Fedeles is working with. On his LinkedIn page, we come across another name: Francis Hoogewerf. This Francis Hoogewerf is the founder of Hoogewerf & Cie, who we can safely call the Luxemburg godfather offshore.

Now you’ll think, OK, but that’s one of the core businesses in Luxemburg, what’s the fuss about that? Yes, we know. But Francis Hoogewerf also has a very dubious history. Let’s dig a bit little deeper into that.

Since the 1970’s Francis Hoogewerf is involved in setting up and administrating hundreds of fictitious companies, mostly in Luxembourg, Switzerland and Panama. By doing this, he systematically worked together with some of the shadiest people in the offshore industry to provide tools for tax evasion and money-laundering.

If you want to know more about the Swiss offshore business and all the scandals it is surrounded in, read the book Swiss connection by Gian Trepp. (Chapter about Francis Hoogewerf)

Tudor Fedeles is not planning to earn his money in an ethical way. With David Mapley and Francis Hoogewerf as mentors, he clearly opted for the dark side of business, only today we have the internet to keep ones honest.

Stay tuned….

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