The Puppet

From sources in direct contact with the Luxemburg financial authorities (CSSF), we have learned that David Mapley, the tutor of Tudor Fedeles is black flagged in Luxemburg. As it stands now David Mapley can’t act in any official capacity anymore in Luxemburg.

In the resent month we see Tudor Fedeles pushed more and more to the forefront in the shady businesses of David Mapley. In recent days they have been actively trying to push their new „The Shimoda High-Yield fund – RAIF”. According to the terms sheet, the fund is all but ready to be open. Except for an AIFM, (Maitland SA) and an administrator (UBS), there are no service providers. Please note that with a construction RAIF the directors are not subjected to approval by the regulator CSSF. The AIFM is the sole responsible party in this construction.

We surely hope that Maitland knows with who they are entering relation into. But here is a pro-tip. Do some background research it can save you from embarrassment and potential criminal complaints in the future.

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