Up the chin

Luxemburg media is reporting that Tudor Fedeles’ boss and mentor Mr. David Mapley just got banned from holding any significant position in the Luxemburg financial industry. Mr. David Mapley was caught giving false information to the Luxemburg financial authority CSSF.

Asked for a reaction to this news by the Luxemburg Times Mr. Tudor Fedeles, defiantly stated that the decision was taken wrongful and that they planned to fight it. However insiders in the Luxemburg financial industry say that they saw the measures taken to David Mapley coming for some time. Mr. Mapley has a very dubious past and has left a trail of bankruptcies and financial damages everywhere he arrived at the scene. Many even question why it took the CSSF so long to act.

In any case, this seems to reduce the playing field of David Mapley and Tudor Fedeles a lot. Doing business in the financial industry in Luxemburg has become a lot harder, if not impossible. This is not yet a knock-out but sure gives the CSSF an advantage on points.

See you in the next round…

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