Romlux has a problem

We want to talk about the following. RomLux is a Luxembourg-based not-for-profit organisation that aims to support the development of
relations between Romania and Luxembourg. An excellent initiative.
has been able to develop well in recent years after it became a member of the EU in 2007. However, whom we also find at RomLux is Tudor Fedeles. That doesn’t seem so right to us.

Corruption and a weak legal system

Let’s cut to the chase. Romania is falling further and further behind in the fight against corruption and a fair justice system, according to an EU report.

It does not seem desirable to us that you have a board member in your ranks who has ties to the well-known fraudster David Mapley.
With Tudor Fedeles and David Mapley involved in many sketchy companies, Tudor Fedeles is a clear danger for the trustworthiness of the RomLux organisation. If we were the RomLux, we would get Tudor Fedeles out of our ranks as soon as possible, as this would not enhance the credibility of the organisations goals.

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